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Digimon Sprite Creators

About the group:

This group is specifically made to show and share all kind of digimon sprites, may it be Digimon Story-Style sprites, overworld, Digimon Battle Spirit-style, LCD, custom, just any kind as long as it is a sprite/Pixelart!


:bulletgreen: Submit the deviation to the correct folder!

:bulletgreen: Any Sprite is welcomed, as long as it was made by you, if you are not the creator of the sprite, don't even think of uploading it.

:bulletred: Every sprite must be new. Official Sprites are not allowed to be uploaded, they will be removed. Unless, they are in the same deviation as an Original Sprite. This Rule won't apply if said "Original Sprite" is made by someone else, or if there is only one original sprite among a majority of canon ones.

:bulletblue: Its allowed to use canon sprites as bases for new sprites. Even re-colors are allowed but to certain degree. Put some effort! Don't just change some colors and change the name, add different details that make it special.

:bulletgreen:Even though this group is mainly focussed on sprites, we admit drawings as well, as long as it is in the Drawings folder.

:bulletyellow: Respect the other members of this group! Even if their beliefs or opinions are different, those are just opinions, don't spread hatred or propaganda about your beliefs.

:bulletred: NSFW deviations are not allowed, this means explicit things like inflation, foot fetish, any kind of fetish, yaoi, yuri or hentai or any other thing that fits under NSFW. Sorry, but let's maintain the group SFW!

:bulletred: Do not steal or use any of the deviations uploaded to this group without asking the creator first! Unless it is stated in the description that you are free to use it.

:bulletblue:In case you want to put a deviation in featured, just submited, however, we admins will decide if it goes there or not, depending on the rules.

:bulletred: NO SPAM.

Be aware that these rules may change in the future, and more could be added.

If a deviation is submited, and doesn't follow these rules, it will be removed or moved to the Misc. Folder, depending on which rules it breaks.

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Group Info

This group was created for fans and creators of digimon sprites. All those who can make, are wishing to, or simply love digimon sprites are welcome to join!
Founded 5 Years ago
Oct 16, 2011


Group Focus
Creation of Digimon Sprites

40 Members
175 Watchers
19,894 Pageviews
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I've been meaning to edit something around the group, but i have been forgetting it, many of you may know that there were some unspoke and unwiten rules (or who knows, maybe it was just me thinking everyone did xD).

But in order to have some... well, order, i've added a widget with the rules of the group. As well, i've been through every folder, putting things where they should, changing some names and adding descriptions, whoever, as you have to enter the gallery folder to read them, i decided to put them here.


:bulletred: Featured: You can submit something to this, whoever, admins will vote if it should be there or not. You can also submit to this folder if you don't know where you should put your deviation, and i'll move it to the correct one.

:bulletorange: Baby Level: Here goes the sprites of digimon in baby levels 1 and 2, also known as Fresh and In-training.

:bulletyellow: Child or Rookie: Submit here any digimon sprite of a Child level, also known as Rookie.

:bulletgreen: Adult or Champion: Here goes all sprite of digimon in Adult level.

:bulletblue: Perfect: Here goes all the digimon sprites of Perfect level, known in some dubs as "ultimate". If you still don't get it, digimon from the previous level to Mega.

:bulletpurple: Ultimate or Mega: Here goes all digimon sprite of those who have reached the last point of their evolution, Ultimate body digimon. Also known in the dub as Mega.

:bulletpink: Mode changes, Mega 2 or Super Ultimate: Here goes all the digimons of the Ultimate or Mega Level that evolve from another Ultimate/Mega, either from Fusion/Jogress or Mode Change. Also those who are called Super Ultimate.

:bulletred: Xros: As the title says, the perfect folder for those digimons who are A Digixros.

Maroon Dot Bullet - F2U! Armor: Specifically for those digimon that evolved thanks to a Digimental/Digiegg into an Armor Level digimon.

:bulletbrown:   Profiles: If you have a character who has a Digimon Army, or you just have a character and a digimon and you have their profile as a picture... well, this is the perfect place for you!

:bulletblack: Evolution Line: I want to believe the title is obvious. If not, here you can put the deviations where you put an entire evolution line, whether it is from baby to ultimate, or just any kind of evolutions.

:bulletgrey:  Overworld Sprites: The perfect folder for Digimon Story Overworld sprites, either as an entire sheet or as an animated gif. If you have any other type of overworld sprites (like customs for an RPG or etc), you are also welcomed to submit them in here

:bulletwhite: Sprite Sheets: Complete spritesheets, either Digimon Story-Style, Battle Spirit or custom style.

silver bullet  Drawings: Any kind of drawing, traditional, digital, even with binary tool if you want!

Rainbow Sherbert Bullet  Misc.: Here you can put digimon deviantart Icons, bases, Tamers/Chosen children sprites, everything that doesn't belong to the other folders.

Disclaimer: "Mega 2" isn't a real evolution step, whoever, to have everything better organized, we will take those mega digimon that evolve from other Mega digimon as Mega 2. As well, Super Ultimate isn't really another level, but a title/status given to all those digimons who are in the ultimate level and have a power that exceed it. If you creations is known as a "Super Ultimate"/"Super Mega", this is the right folder
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AnutDraws Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2016
DigiMoad by AnutDraws
SoDamToku Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2016
Hello I want to request concept art for a digimon moba. How would I do so?…
StriderTheReaper Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2015
Hi! I couldn't find the contribute option in the sprite sheet folder, so I left my Jotumon sheet in featured.
Neegasai Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks for telling me! Those folders are fairly new, so i can only think i forgot to change the options in them. The deviation is now in Featured and also in the Sprite Sheet folder, and the options were changed in that folder so now anytime you want to submit something to it, you should be able to do so!
Howdy! Thanks for fixing the Sprite Sheet folder. Would it be possible to do the same for the No Level folder? I need to move Otocymon and FehrOtocymon.
Neegasai Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh yeah, sorry. I still kinda forget that i need to change the settings every time i make a new folder xDU

It should be fixed now! if there is still problems... tell me please xD
(1 Reply)
HyperDaisuke Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Do you guys attends to requests of sprites?I would like to request a Rhihimon/Reichmon sprite.Thanks :D
StriderTheReaper Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2015
Just a quick question. The sprites I've submitted have all been superimposed over a Digivice readout - I liked the look of it, but I notice that it clashes with all the other sprites.

TLDR - Should I remove the backgrounds from my sprites?
Neegasai Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Sorry i didn't read this before.

Well, is not really necessary if you don't want to, it gives it... like, certain uniqueness.

Like... Some of us just upload the sprites without a background, others upload them with a with background. Some upload only the 100% look of the sprites, others upload it with also the 200% or 400% Zoom, and some just post the zoom and not the original size.

I really love the background of your sprites, if i could make my own background for sprites, i would use it and i wouldn't care if it clashed with the other sprites (unless, of course, i got like... multiple people telling me it looks bad).

TL;DR: Is up to you, i don't really mind it, i like it :0
StriderTheReaper Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2015
Fair enough! At the moment, the background is not my own, but I'm considering making one at some point.
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